Hiroshima Psychological Research
Issue 2
Date of Issue:2003-03-28
current number
ISSN : 1347-1619
Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
Effects of irrelevant speech and articulatory suppression on time estimation
Yoshida, Yumiko; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 1 - 10
The units of parsing in reading Japanese sentences.
Fujiki, Daisuke;
PP. 21 - 27
Effects of the negotiation style of a minority on the responses of a majority
Fukada, Hiromi; Ezaki, Shuji;
PP. 29 - 45
Discrepancies of real self-image, self-image appealing to opposite sex, and ideal-image cherished by opposite se
Tozuka, Tadashi; Mori, Daisuke; Kodama, Makiko; Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 47 - 62
The effect of self-efficacy and vocational identity on undergraduates' career decision making behavior
Kodama, Makiko; Matsuda, Satoshi; Tozuka, Tadashi; Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 63 - 72
Masculinity and femininity in male and female undergraduates
Kodama, Makiko; Sugimoto, Akiko; Matsuda, Fumiko;
PP. 73 - 84
Relations of time management ability to self-efficacy, metacognitive ability, and time anxiety
Matsuda, Fumiko; Hashimoto, Yukari; Inoue, Kayoko; Morita, Aiko; Yamasaki, Rio; Miyake, Motoko;
PP. 85 - 93
Effects of physics lessons and direct instruction to suitable use of two kinds of knowledge about time
Uchimura, Hiroshi; Matsuda, Fumiko;
PP. 95 - 108
Willingness to Learn Mathematics and Its Relational Factors in Elementary School children
Kitamura, Takeshi; Morita, Aiko; Matsuda, Fumiko;
PP. 109 - 117
Ikachers' Support to Develop Children's Willingness to Learn Mathematics
Kitamura, Takeshi; Morita, Aiko; Matsuda, Fumiko;
PP. 119 - 130
Image of Long-life Learning and Psychological Factors of its Practice in Students of University of Air
Magoshi, Emiko; Miyake, Motoko; Morita, Aiko; Matsuda, Fumiko;
PP. 131 - 139
A Comparison of Feelings of Embarrassment between University Students' and Their Parents' Generation
Isobe, Miyoshi; Kotani, Azusa; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 141 - 149
Popularity and social skills in preschooler's peer group : Comparison between same-sex,and opposite-sex peer nominations
Nakadai, Sakiko; Kanayama, Motoharu; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 151 - 157
Preschoolers' prosocial judgments in situations in which other children are crying
Etchu, Koji;
PP. 159 - 169
The relation of self-esteem to self-protection and achievement motive in female university students
Saito, Yuri; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 171 - 177
Identity and time belief in university students
Niimi, Naoko; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 179 - 185
A developmental study of violence-related problematic behaviors(4)
Yamaguchi, Shuji; Chujo, Kazumitu; Maeda, Kenichi;
PP. 187 - 194
Minority influence and style of negotiation
Ezaki, Shuji; Fukada, Hiromi;
PP. 201 - 220
The correlation between perceived-aged person and self-evaluation
Shibasaki, Yoshinori;
PP. 221 - 226