Hiroshima Psychological Research Issue 19
2020-03-31 発行

中学生の教師に対する相談行動 : 九分割統合絵画における教師イメージとの関連

Junior high school students’ consultation behavior with teachers: Relationship with teachers’ images in “Nine-in-One Drawing Method”
Kobayakawa, Kana
There are many advantages to conducting educational counseling in schools, where teachers are an effective support resource for junior high school students. However, junior high school students are often hesitant to share their issues with their teachers. This study examines how junior high school students’ “teachers’ images” are linked to “intent of consultation behavior” and “expected costs/benefits of consulting behavior.” To examine “teachers’ images,” we used the “Nine-in-One Drawing Method (NOD)” that allows capturing multiple images at once. For analysis, we divided students into four groups based on the teachers’ images indicated by the NOD. The result showed that students who have positive teachers’ images were more likely to present consultation behavior. In contrast, students who have negative teachers’ images feared that consultation would lead to disclosure of secrets and/or a poor evaluation. Therefore, positive images of teachers are considered important in promoting consultation behavior from students.
junior high school students
consultation behavior
teachers’ images
Nine-in-One Drawing Method