Hiroshima Psychological Research Issue 19
2020-03-31 発行

Full Body Illusionの測定指標間の関連の検証

Verification of the relationship between full-body illusion indices
Yamamoto, Kazuki
Hiramoto, Ryosuke
Full Body Illusion (FBI) is a phenomenon which changes over the sense of body ownership to other object and the illusion has been reported using various measurement indices (e.g., questionnaire , skin conductance response, and skin temperature). However, no studies have simultaneously measured these indices and it still remains unclear whether those indices capture the similar aspects of FBI. The present study investigate the relationship among those FBI indices. In this study, we presented an avatar to participants in a virtual room. We measured the questionnaires, skin conductance response, skin temperature, and drift as FBI indices. The result s showed that me asurement of the questionnaires and skin conductance response were reflected FBI, and the positive correlation was found between those two measurements questionnaire and skin conductance response ( rho = .5 5 , p < .05). Alternatively, no correlations were found among the other indices. Our results suggest that both the questionnaire and the skin conductance response reflect similar aspects of FBI.
full body illusion
virtual reality
self - ownership