Hiroshima Psychological Research Issue 19
2020-03-31 発行


Relationship between mind wandering and autobiographical reasoning
Nakagawa, Risa
Hashimoto, Junya
Kashihara, Shiho
Mind wandering (MW) is the shift in the contents of thought away from an ongoing task to self-generated thoughts which is unrelated to the task. MW is thought to have the role of integrating one’s experiences into a meaningful context through autobiographical reasoning. However, the relationship between MW and autobiographical reasoning is only a theoretical suggestion and no previous studies have directly examined this relationship. In this study, we performed a questionnaire survey to clarify the role of MW that integrates experiences by examining whether there is a relationship between MW and autobiographical reasoning. As a result, a positive correlation was found between the Mind-Wandering Questionnaire and the Thinking About Life Experiences (TALE) scale. There was also a positive correlation between the Daydream Frequency and TALE scales. This result indicates that MW is related to autobiographical reasoning.
mind wandering
self-generated thought
autobiographical reasoning
autobiographical memory