Hiroshima Psychological Research Issue 19
2020-03-31 発行

新人看護師のバーンアウト傾向と心のゆとりの関連 : 再評価・気晴らしの媒介効果の検証

Relationship between burnout and yutori of mind in new nurses
Kobayashi, Ryota
Noritake, Yoshihide
Anno, Mayo
Doi, Yasufumi
Kawahara, Tsuyoshi
Shigematsu, Jun
Yokota, Reiko
New nurses’ experience of burnout leads to turnover; therefore, reducing burnout has been attracting attention. It can be presumed that the yutori of mind may reduce burnout. In addition, emotion regulation strategies including reappraisal and distraction are assumed to mediate relationships between the yutori of mind and burnout. The present study aims to examine these unclear possibilities. A total of 73 new Japanese nurses completed questionnaires, which consisted of questions about the scales of the yutori of mind, reappraisal, distraction, and burnout. As a result of the path analysis, yutori of mind was shown to have a negative correlation with burnout, especially emotion exhaustion and depersonalization. However, there was no significant correlation between yutori of mind and personal accomplishment factors in burnout. Moreover, the mediating effects of reappraisal and distraction on the relationship between yutori of mind and burnout were not observed. Although the process underlying the relationship between yutori of mind and burnout remains unclear, yutori of mind may reduce burnout in new nurses.
emotion regulation
new nurse
peace of mind
yutori of mind