Hiroshima Psychological Research Issue 19
2020-03-31 発行

Powerとシステム正当化 : van der Toorn et al.(2015)の追試

A sense of power and system justification: Reexamining van der Troon et al. (2015)
Higashi, Tomomi
Itoga, Hinako
Sogabe, Risa
Kamimura, Saeko
We conducted two studies reexamining the findings of van der Toorn et al. (2015) that a sense of powerlessness fosters system justification (SJ). In Study 1, we used the Sense of Power Scale (Anderson et al., 2012) and found that a sense of powerfulness as well as a sense of powerlessness are positively associated with SJ. In Study 2, after priming participants with a feeling of powerfulness vs. powerlessness, we investigated the mediating effects of emotions on the relationship between sense of power and SJ. Although participants experienced positive emotions in the Powerful condition and negative emotions in the Powerless condition, we did not find any significant effects of emotions on SJ. Further studies are needed to investigate the relationship between a sense of power and SJ using more sophisticated methods.
本論文は,2019年度に広島大学教育学部で開講された心理学課題演習において,第1著者の指導により第2著者から第5著者が実施した研究をもとに執筆したものである。研究の一部は第2著者から第5著者により中国四国心理学会第75回大会学部生研究発表会において報告された。また,本研究はJSPS科研費JP18K03007 の助成を受けた。
a sense of power
system justification