Hiroshima Psychological Research
Issue 18
Date of Issue:2019-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1347-1619
Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
The effect of cross-cultural experience during school-age to ethnic identity development: Analysis of Japanese Adult Third Culture Kids
Fukui, Ayumi; Okamoto, Yuko;
PP. 1 - 20
The process of ethnic identity development of Japanese Third Culture Kids experienced cross-cultural transition during school-age
Fukui, Ayumi; Okamoto, Yuko;
PP. 21 - 44
A preliminary investigation of long-term cognitive-behavioral predictive factors of depression in high school students.
Kambara, Kohei; Kira, Yugo; Ogata, Akiko;
PP. 45 - 53
Effect of assumed-competence of college students on help-seeking style
Okamoto, Yuko; Nitta, Kei;
PP. 55 - 66
Relationship among borderline personality traits, mother-and-child image, and internal object in adolescence
Uenoyama, Rika; Okamoto, Yuko;
PP. 67 - 90
Relationship between conscious and unconscious processes: Subliminal mere exposure effects for targets in a negative social category are moderated by similarity to self and stimulus
Miki, Akane; Nakashima, Ken'ichiro;
PP. 91 - 105
Cluster analysis of two factors of self-esteem and two types of narcissism in Japanese: How are unbalanced positive and negative aspects of self-esteem related to narcissism?
Fukudome, Koudai; Morinaga, Yasuko;
PP. 107 - 126
The relationship between involuntarily retrieved positive autobiographical memory and implicit mood
Hashimoto, Junya; Watanabe, Yoichi; Miyatani, Makoto; Nakao, Takashi;
PP. 127 - 134
Cognitive Behavior Therapy and "Total Conviction"
Shigematsu, Jun; Ogata, Akiko; Ito, Yoshinori;
PP. 135 - 148
The influence of attentional bias of social anxiety on anxiety in public speaking situations
Matsumoto, Misuzu; Fujihara, Yuya; Ogata, Akiko;
PP. 149 - 158
Developing a scale to assess the use of report writing strategies based on audience awareness
Tanaka, Hikaru; Yamane, Takashi; Chujo, Kazumitsu;
PP. 159 - 173
Effort for solving difficult problems among university students: Why can they keep making efforts?
Hirose, Haruka; Haramaki, Yutaka; Ogata, Akiko;
PP. 175 - 188
Negative effects of positive stereotypes: Reconsidering the experiments by Siy and Cheryan (2016)
Morinaga, Yasuko; Funada, Saori; Ogawa, Aoi; Nonaka, Ryo; Yabuki, Kei; Dong, XingYu;
PP. 189 - 198