Hiroshima Psychological Research Issue 16
2017-03-31 発行

自己客観性は採用決定に影響を及ぼすのか? : Uhlmann & Cohen (2007) の追試研究

Effects of self-perceived objectivity on hiring decisions : Reexamining the Experiment by Uhlmann and Cohen
Urushidani, Saya
Komatsu, Kanoko
Sakai, Nana
Noguchi, Yuka
Uhlmann and Cohen (2007) argued that self-perceived objectivity increased discrimination against women in hiring decisions; when decision makers have a sense of personal objectivity, they feel entitled to evaluate job applicants based on their gender stereotypical beliefs. We reexamined Experiment 2 by Uhlmann and Cohen (2007) with a sample of male university students in Japan. Contrary to their results, i.e., male participants high in stereotypic beliefs, primed with a sense of objectivity, gave male applicants more positive hiring evaluations than female applicants, we did not find any significant effects. The effects of self-perceived objectivity should be reexamined in future research considering factors, such as a sense of power, duration of effects after being primed, and participants’ sex.
self-perceived objectivity
hiring evaluation