Hiroshima Psychological Research
Issue 15
Date of Issue:2016-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1347-1619
Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
Attachment to parents and dependency on someone other than parents in adolescence : Does attachment really regulate interpersonal relationship?
Okamoto, Yuuko; Higashiyama, Hanako; Ikeda, Tatsuya;
PP. 1 - 16
The relationship between aversion to school, tendency to neglect one's schoolwork and ibasho in undergraduate students : The factorial structures of passive area scale and unwillingness to attend school scale.
Ikeda, Tatsuya; Minakuchi, Keigo; Takano, Yasuyo;
PP. 17 - 27
The relationship between aversion to school, tendency to neglect one's schoolwork and ibasho in undergraduate students: Typology based on dislike of school and tendency to neglect studies
Minakuchi, Keigo; Takano, Yasuyo; Ikeda, Tatsuya;
PP. 29 - 36
The relationship between aversion to school, tendency to neglect one's schoolwork and ibasyo in undergraduate students: ibasyo inside and outside the university
Takano, Yasuyo; Ikeda, Tatsuya; Minakuchi, Keigo;
PP. 37 - 43
Effects of unconscious thought on lie detection
Ito, Yosuke; Hirakawa, Makoto; Nakashima, Kenichiro; Morinaga, Yasuko;
PP. 45 - 59
Longitudinal study of the effect of anger regulation on undergraduates' intimacy with a best friend
Kuma, Erika; Kuranaga, Hitomi; Morinaga, Yasuko;
PP. 61 - 71
Examination of the Teaching Skills for Reading Scientific Materials Needed by Science Teachers by Comparing In-Service and Prospective Science Teachers
Yamane, Takashi; Chujo, Kazumitsu;
PP. 73 - 79
Improving method of listener monitoring by elucidator in the face-to-face explanation
Tanaka, Hikaru; Yamane, Takashi; Akamatsu, Satomi; Namba, Shushi; Hihara, Shogo; Chujo, Kazumitsu;
PP. 81 - 92
Mothers' process of understanding their developmental disordered children using after-school care service
Yakiyama, Masatsugu; Okamoto, Yuuko; Morita, Syuhei;
PP. 93 - 108
Relationship between death anxiety and mental health in adolescents from the perspective of coping strategies for death anxiety
Hongo, Hikari; Okamoto, Yuuko; Ikeda, Tatsuya;
PP. 109 - 128
The influence of intention in conflict on the interventions and apologies of children in virtual conflict situations
Inoue, Saori; Ogata, Akiko; Kataoka, Motoaki;
PP. 129 - 145
Support from helpers promoting feelings of Self-Growth through experieoces ofbeing bullied
Kobayakawa, Kana; Sugimura, Kazumi; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 147 - 162
Regarding the self-discrepancy of female university students with high anorexia nervosa tendencies : A study using drawings
Mori, Yui; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 163 - 178
Effect of reactance traits on buying behavior in a limited sales advertisement
Funakoshi, Saki; Omori, Mayu; Morita, Aiko;
PP. 179 - 193
Does motivation improve when benefits to friends are expected? : Investigation with a hypothetical situation
Tokuoka, Masaru; Sato, Miyuki; Morita, Aiko;
PP. 195 - 202
The effect of the speaker's confmnatory question on understandability of verbal explanation
Fukuya, Izumi; Yoshikawa, Motoi; Funakoshi, Saki; Yamane, Takashi; Tanaka, Hikaru; Morita, Aiko;
PP. 203 - 213