Hiroshima Psychological Research
Issue 13
Date of Issue:2014-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1347-1619
Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
The effect of dynamic visual noise on brain hemodynamic response during concrete word production task <Article>
Takamura, Masahiro; Nishimoto, Mika; Hayashi, Shunsuke; Yamamoto, Fumie; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 1 - 10
The relation of harmony cognition and spatial processing : An event-related potential study using ERAN <Article>
Hashimoto, Midori; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 11 - 23
Pretest and enhancement of subsequent learning : Pretesting effects in paired-associate learning <Article>
Tanaka, Saeko; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 25 - 33
Relation between self-schema and knowledge of the hometown : A case of Okinawa <Article>
Miyagi, Madoka; Yamanoha, Tsuyoshi; Nakao, Takashi; Miyatani, Makoto;
PP. 35 - 44
Negative affect of self-enhancing presentation in job interviews among Japanese university students <Article>
Sawa, Natsuko; Morinaga, Yasuko;
PP. 45 - 59
How do people react when they feel guilt? Classification by Situational Guilt Inventory <Article>
Furukawa, Yoshiya; Morinaga, Yasuko;
PP. 61 - 68
Why do we recall bizarre things better? : A review of the literature <Article>
Morita, Aiko; Fukuya, Izumi;
PP. 69 - 82
Recent studies on expository text with non-continuous text <Article>
Fukuya, Izumi; Morita, Aiko;
PP. 83 - 90
The perspective and some considerations on trauma and mental scars <Article>
Ikeda, Tatsuya; Okamoto, Yuko; Morita, Shuhei;
PP. 91 - 105
Relationships among over-adaptation and family function in the university students : Transformation process of the family and the self <Article>
Hoshino, Mio; Okamoto, Yuko;
PP. 107 - 127
A study on the statuses of dependence in the adolescence from the viewpoint of dependent objects <Article>
Tamiya, Saki; Okamoto, Yuko;
PP. 129 - 149
A study of validity of small group discussion in experiments on consideration through death <Article>
Nishiyama, Misato; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 151 - 169
Relation between trust people who brings up junior high school students and their aggression <Article>
Ishibashi, Mana; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 171 - 190
The consulting to parents in the youth : Focus on anticipation of the profit and the cost, and parenthood <Article>
Takeda, Yuko; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 191 - 209
Preschool teachers' mental models as a framework of understanding young children <Article>
Ueyama, Rutsuko; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 211 - 218
Effect of anchor point on numerical estimation in young children <Article>
Uragami, Moe; Sugimura, Shinichiro;
PP. 219 - 227
Effects of self-esteem and perspective taking on interpretive bias <Material>
Hirakawa, Makoto; Sakata, Kanako; Morinaga, Yasuko;
PP. 229 - 238
Current education program of occupational clinical psychology in Japanese graduate schools trained certified clinical psychologist <Material>
Otsuka, Yasumasa;
PP. 243 - 249