The Hiroshima Law Journal Volume 44 Issue 2
2020-10-30 発行

翼賛体制下の地方の「下情上通」制度の一考察 : 愛知県名古屋市を例に(二・完)

A Study of the Kajyojyotsu(下情上通)System in Fascist Japan: The Case of Nagoya City (2)
Zhao, Di
This article is the latter half of a study on the establishment and function of the Kajyojyotsu(下情上通)System in Nagoya City. In this article, we discuss the function of Jyokais(常会)and City Cooperation Council(市協力会議)in Nagoya City and summarize the entire study. To conclude the entire study, the Nagoya City’s Jyokais and City Cooperation Council functioned efficiently to deliver people’s opinions to the local government, which included comments and hope on not just the war efforts, but also people’s own profits. Based on the case of Nagoya City, it can be pointed out that the Kajyojyotsu System proved its function to a certain extent, and in Fascist Japan, in one aspect, the expression and achievement of people’s opinions was continued and strengthened.