The Hiroshima Law Journal Volume 44 Issue 1
2020-07-31 発行

戦後教育政策における対立と政治 : 1980-90年代の広島県における、中央政府、地方政府、教職員組合の政治過程(一)

Conflict and Political Struggle in the education of Japan (1)
Liu, Jiawen
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the political struggle between the LDP government and the Japanese Teachers' Union in Japanese education during the 1980s and 1990s. A characteristic of Japanese education was the severe conflict between the government and the teachers' union. Not only ideological issues such as the national flag and national anthem, but also all systems such as teacher salary, teacher position system, teacher evaluation system, the government and teachers union violently conflicted. Many observers attribute the conflict between the government and the faculty union to an uncompromising political struggle between the “right” government and the “left” union. However, the faculty union was a complex organization and was not inseparably linked to any particular political party. In addition, union behavior was often political, but not only that, but factors such as maintaining the organization and improving the treatment of union members were also important to the union. This paper analyzes the battle between the government and the union that occurred in Hiroshima Prefecture at the time when the "big compromise" between the government and the union was established. Through this analysis, we try to document a part of the history of education in the 1990s and to clarify the nature of political struggles over Japanese education.