The Hiroshima Law Journal
Volume 44
Issue 1
Date of Issue:2020-07-31
current number
ISSN : 0386-5010
(The Society of Law of Hiroshima University)
Chourak, Mohamed;
PP. 324 - 307
Der Anspruch auf Herausgabe der Gebrauchsvorteile (3)
Yuno, Kenichi;
PP. 306 - 297
Agency Statutory Interpretation in the United States (1)
Fukunaga, Minoru;
PP. 296 - 266
The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and The Reasonable Expectation of Privacy Test (1)
Ge, Hong;
PP. 264 - 237
A Study of the Kajyojyotsu (下情上通) System in Fascist Japan: The Case of Nagoya City (1)
Zhao, Di;
PP. 236 - 216
China’s Claim in the South China Sea
Wu, Zhiye;
PP. 214 - 182
Considering Deportation and Amnesty from the Viewpoint of Obligation
Urakawa, Genjiro;
PP. 1 - 40
The Introduction of Long-Term Care Insurance in Japan
He, FangRong;
PP. 180 - 159
Causes of Alliance Termination: Comparative Assessment of Effective Factor and Restraints
Shibata, Keisuke;
PP. 158 - 144
Une traduction d'extrait d'un livre de Professeur Frédéric-Marie-Denys-Georges Joüon des Longrais, L'est et l'ouest: Institution du Japon et de l'occident comparées (six études de sociologies juridique) paru en 1958, 4ème et la fin de parties
Kohari, Yoshiaki;
PP. 92 - 47