The Hiroshima Law Journal Volume 43 Issue 4
2020-03-17 発行

戦後日本の行政学研究の定量的検討 : 『年報行政研究』(1962~2018年)掲載論文題目のテキストマイニング手法に基づく統計的内容分析

Focus Changes in Administrative Studies in Postwar Japan: Statistical Content Analyses of Articles in The Annals of the Japanese Society for Public Administration (1962—2018)
This paper quantitatively explains research trends in postwar administrative studies in Japan using statistical analyses of nearly 60 years of article titles from The Annals of the Japanese Society for Public Administration, from the first issue (1962) to the 54th issue (2018). Co-occurrence network analysis, cluster analysis, and correspondence analysis revealed changes in research interests over time. Specifically, there was substantially more research on reform, policy evaluation, and government evaluation in the 2000s, a difference from other time periods.
The author performed cluster analysis to classify extracted words using the Jaccard similarity coefficient to gauge the diversity of extracted words, setting the number of clusters to four and listing each characteristic word. Referring to classifications presented by previous qualitative research on the research trends of academic societies, the author derived Cluster 1 “Identity of Public Administration”, Cluster 2 “Management, Institutions, and Policies”, Cluster 3 “Reform and Local Government”, and Cluster 4 “Problems of Administrative Reform”.
In the correspondence analysis, the first and second components and the second and third components were selected as the axes of the configuration figure describing the relationships between the extracted words. In addition to the first and second components, the second and third components were developed and analyzed. The following can be interpreted from each configuration figure: the first component is time; the second component is evaluation and reform; and the third component is policy process. Considering the foregoing, they collectively reveal the major pillars of Japanese postwar administrative studies from 1962 to 2018.