The Hiroshima Law Journal Volume 43 Issue 4
2020-03-17 発行


Law-Related Education for Children from Multicultural Backgrounds
Kim, Hyunsun
Law-Related Education (henceforth 'LRE') in Japan is defined as "Education to equip non-lawyers with the knowledge and skills pertaining to the law, the legal process, and the legal system, as well as the fundamental principles and values on which they are based.” The LRE in Japan is based on The Law-Related Education Act of 1978, of The United States of America.
So far, Japanese elementary, middle and high school students have been the center of the LRE’s study. The number of students with multicultural backgrounds have been growing as Japan's society becomes more globalized. However, till now, most of these students have occupied a peripheral place within LRE's study. Therefore, in this paper, we are focusing on children with multicultural backgrounds, a subject that has not been deeply studied thus far.
What to teach through LRE? We are focusing on the meaning and necessity of rule and democracy.