The Hiroshima Law Journal
Volume 43
Issue 3
Date of Issue:2020-01-31
current number
ISSN : 0386-5010
(The Society of Law of Hiroshima University)
Rethinking Union Shop (1)
Mitsui, Masanobu;
PP. 1 - 23
Sozialpolitik in Hinblick anf Steuer-und Finanzrecht in Japan (4)
Tezuka, Takahiro;
PP. 25 - 66
Die Mängelhaftung beim BGB-Werkvertrag (2): Die Bedeutung der Abnahme
Nagaiwa, Keiko;
PP. 380 - 352
Claims of Malaysia and Brunei in South China Sea
Wu, Zhiye;
PP. 318 - 282
The study about policy process of food self-sufficiency rates as a policy target in the Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas Basic Act
Sun, Liyuan;
PP. 280 - 248
Genealogy of Mistake in Criminal Law: Suggestions from Tang Code to Modern Law
Sun, Lu; Yoshinaka, Nobuhito;
PP. 246 - 230
The germination of nationalism in lower class from the late 19th century: as the prehistory of mine rights recovery movement in Shanxi
Li, Yi; Nagayama, Hiroyuki;
PP. 228 - 210
Research Note
Drittes Gesetz zur Aenderung reiserechtlichen Vorschriften vom 17.Juli 2017
Takahashi, Hiroshi;
PP. 188 - 166
Pauschalreisevertrag, Reisevermittlung und Vermittlung verbundener Reiseleistung BGB § § 651a ~ 651y
Takahashi, Hiroshi;
PP. 164 - 143
Die Anlagen 11 bis 18 aus dem Anhang zum deutschen BGB-Einfuehrungsgesetz
Takahashi, Hiroshi;
PP. 142 - 120
Allgemeine Geschaeftsbedingungen fuer Reisevertraege (ARB-DRV 2018)
Takahashi, Hiroshi;
PP. 118 - 103
Une traduction d'extrait d'un livre de Professeur Frédéric-Marie-Denys-Georges Joüon des Longrais, L'est et l'ouest: Institution du Japon et de l'occident comparées (six études de sociologies juridique) paru en 1958, 3ème partie
Kohari, Yoshiaki;
PP. 102 - 67