The Hiroshima Law Journal Volume 42 Issue 2
2018-10-31 発行

日本の1950年代後半台湾政策と台湾海峡の現状固定化 : 岸首相訪台をめぐって

Japan's Foreign Policy and the Kishi-CKS Talks in 1957
The Nobusuke Kishi administration sought to implement a realistic foreign policy towards Taiwan and China, it is the policy of separation of politics and economics (so called SeiKei BunRi). This article argues Japan-Taiwan Relations in 1950s with analyses 2 talks of Kishi and Chiang Kai-shek held in 1957, which shows the differences between Japan's China policy and Taiwan's mainland China policy. Both Japan and Taiwan had showed no willingness to reach to agreement, these attitudes set the tone for the diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1960s.