The Hiroshima Law Journal Volume 42 Issue 2
2018-10-31 発行

On Diplomatic Innovation and Discourse Power of China in Building An Ocean Power

Jin, Yongming
The new ideas, policies and initiatives on diplomacy, i.e. the diplomatic innovation, put forward by China after the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012 are totally compliance with the development trends of the era and the implementation of China's strategic goal of becoming an ocean power, so we should adhere to this direction that such new diplomatic ideas, policies and initiatives are adopted to guide China's progress of becoming an ocean power and deal with major marine disputes with other countries. From the perspective of the progress of strategic goal of building an ocean power, China shall push forward and implement such plan phrase by phrase and step by step. Therefore, in theory, we shall use thoughts contained in documents such as China's Policies on Asia-Pacific Security Cooperation as guidelines to resolve major marine disputes so as to establish China's status as a regional ocean power and a worldwide ocean power. In practice, China has adopted new diplomatic ideas, policies and initiatives to instruct the resolution of marine issues and achieved good performance. However, because there are different opinions and views on China's policies on and attitudes towards marine disputes resolution, it is still important and hard task for China to further expound its marine policies and positions through diplomatic channels, which is an issue of discourse power. That is to say, it is still a hard task for China to realize its goal of law-based governance of the sea during its progress of accelerating its pace in building an ocean power. It needs many means and continued efforts including diplomatic behaviors to reasonably maintain ocean order, ensure China's marine rights and interests, let China obtain the status as an ocean power, and have a say in establishing marine systems.