The Hiroshima Economic Review
Volume 44
Issue 1-2
Date of Issue:2020-11-10
current number
ISSN : 0386-2704
Publisher : The Economics Society of Hiroshima University
An Economic Analysis of German-Chinese Relations
Morita, Ken;
PP. 1 - 42
Das fürstliche Haus Thurn und Taxis in Württemberg und sein Fürstentum in Preußen
Kato, Fusao;
PP. 43 - 55
The long-term and non-exclusive Auto-Parts Transaction in the Grerman Automotive Industry: A historical Comparision with the Japanese and US Supplier System
Zhang, Jiahua; Mori, Ryoji;
PP. 57 - 71
What Is the Difference between an Employment Contract and a Sales Contract ?: A Review of Simon (1951) “A Formal Theory of the Employment Relationship”
Uno, Yoshifumi;
PP. 73 - 89