The Hiroshima Economic Review
Volume 42
Issue 1・2
Date of Issue:2018-11-30
current number
ISSN : 0386-2704
Publisher : The Economics Society of Hiroshima University
Die Fideikommisse im deutschsprachigen Raum
Kato, Fusao;
PP. 1 - 10
A Game Theoretical Analysis of Tariff Policy in an International Duopoly Market and Global Emissions: Stackelberg Model
Fukuda, Katsufumi; Ouchida, Yasunori;
PP. 11 - 18
Foundation of the Deconcentration Review Board and its establishment of the policy initiative: from the viewpoint of the relation with the Economic and Scientific Section of SCAP
Ohata, Takahiro;
PP. 19 - 32
What Is a Psychological Game?: A Review of Rabin (1993) "Incorporating Fairness into Game Theory and Economics"
Uno, Yoshifumi;
PP. 33 - 75
Empirical Results of Intrinsic Motivation Crowding Out and Its Interpretation: A Review of Gneezy and Rustichini (2000) "A Fine Is a Price"
Uno, Yoshifumi; Takahashi, Yoshi;
PP. 77 - 97