The Hiroshima Economic Review Volume 37 Issue 3
2014-03-14 発行

Toward the Evolutionary Theory of the State <Article>

Ueda, Yoshifumi
As a result of adaption to the First Bronze Revolution, early states emerged from the preceding kin-based communities through the intermediate stage of chiefdom. Increase in net-benefits gained by the adaption motivated chieftains to change the chiefdom system into an early state. Since, however, the early state is also one form of the society, in order to claim the legitimacy of the power it had to actualize the ultimate purposes of the society - the survival of its members. It is shown that the main synthetic propositions derived from the early state are also applicable to other forms of the states.
Technological Revolution
Kantian Categories
JEL Code: D74
JEL Code: C72
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