The Hiroshima Economic Review
Volume 37
Issue 2
Date of Issue:2013-11-29
current number
ISSN : 0386-2704
Publisher : The Economics Society of Hiroshima University
An Economic Analysis of Bubble Phenomena in China : A Comparison with Bubble in Japan <Article>
Morita, Ken; Chen, Yun;
PP. 1 - 24
Integration of Venture Business and the Optimal Organizational Form <Article>
Uno, Yoshifumi;
PP. 25 - 49
Roles on Consequences about Rating of Stress Test, its Relationships the Roles and Influence on Financial Institution <Article>
Hoshino, Ichiro;
PP. 51 - 67
Japan's Family Policy <Note>
Taki, Atsuhiro;
PP. 69 - 76