The Hiroshima Economic Review
Volume 35
Issue 2
Date of Issue:2011-11-30
current number
ISSN : 0386-2704
Publisher : The Economics Society of Hiroshima University
Political Economy of the 'Mobility Revolution' and the 'Hidden Slum' Phenomena of Urban Area in China : A Case Study in Shanghai <Articles>
Chen, Yun; Morita, Ken;
PP. 1 - 36
Making Promotion Rules and Supervisors' Preferences <Articles>
Uno, Yoshifumi; Inoue, Tadashi;
PP. 153 - 179
Yun Chen and Ken Morita, Political Economy of Systemic Transition and Development in China: Challenge towards a Modern Nation, Tokyo, Taga Shuppan, 2010. <Book Review>
Hakogi, Masumi;
PP. 181 - 183