The Hiroshima Economic Review
Volume 35
Issue 1
Date of Issue:2011-07-20
current number
ISSN : 0386-2704
Publisher : The Economics Society of Hiroshima University
A Political Economy of Integration and Security : On the East Asian Community and the Okinawa Plan <Articles>
Chen, Yun; Morita, Ken;
PP. 1 - 25
Social Norms and Cultures as a Commitment Device of Contracts <Articles>
Uno, Yoshifumi; Inoue, Tadashi;
PP. 27 - 52
Local Public Goods and Decentralization <Articles>
Ohsawa, Toshikazu;
PP. 71 - 78
National and Local Corporation Taxes : Ramsey Rule, Golden Rule and Nash Equilibrium <Articles>
Ohsawa, Toshikazu;
PP. 79 - 83
Investment of fixed capital and equalization of the rate of profit <Articles>
Miyazawa, Kazutoshi;
PP. 85 - 112
Medium-term Forecasts of the Number of Applicants for Hiroshima University <Articles>
Okochi, Osamu; Ginama, Isamu; Morimoto, Shinji;
PP. 113 - 208