The Hiroshima Economic Review Volume 33 Issue 2
2009-11-30 発行

地域間人口移動と経済力移転 <論説>

Inter-regional Migration and Transfer of Economic Power <Articles>
Yoshimura, Hiroshi
The basic idea of this paper is that the inter-regional migration means not only "movement" but also "transfer" of economic power among regions from point of region. Here "transfer"means the movement or transaction that the market cannot deal with or compensate properly. Therefore the inter-regional migration is able to be a reason of redistribution of income or fiscal adjustment among regions.

With this idea, the aim of this paper is to estimate the sum of "public transfer surplus"among prefectures arising from inter-prefectural migration based on 1995-2000 data in Japan. The public transfer surplus means the net receive (revenue for public service-cost of public service) from point of public sector. This public transfer surplus is equal to the net cost (payment to public sector-benefit from public service) from point of individuals.

According to the estimation, we have the following results. (1)The amount of inter-prefectural migration is very different among pretectures, among ages and between men and women. (2)Per capita net cost from point of individuals has the grate difference among prefectures, among ages and between men and women. (3)The sum of "public transfer surplus"arising from inter-prefectural migration is plus at prefectures in urban area, on the other hand the sum is minus at prefectures in rural area. And the size of the sum is too large to ignore from point of prefectures.
inter-regional migration
transfer of economic power
public transfer surplus