HABITUS Volume 25
2021-03-20 発行

「生」の世界を取り戻すための「演劇的知」について : 中村雄二郎の『魔女ランダ考』から考える

Regaining the world of “life” through engeki -teki chi (theatrical knowledge): Considering Yujiro Nakamura’s Majo randa kou
Zheng, Xiyin
Science was developed in Europe during the seventeenth century and then spread throughout the world. Technology developed by scientific disciplines pervades every aspect of our lives. On the one hand, thanks to science, society has made great strides in various areas. On the other hand, our view of the world is trapped in a mechanistic conceptions of the world found in scientific knowledge, and we are losing the vivid sight of the world of “life.” In order to regain the world of life, therefore, the most important task for human beings is to explore a new way of seeing, a new model of knowledge, or a new framework. In response to this issue, philosopher Yujiro Nakamura focused on Balinese culture and discovered engeki-teki chi (theatrical knowledge), which differs from kagaku no chi (knowledge of science). In this paper, which is based on Nakamura ’s book Majo randa kou―engeki-teki chi toha nani ka, I consider the following two questions: How are the culture and spirit of Balinese Bali connected to engeki -teki chi? How can this concept help reclaim the world of life from the domination of kagaku no chi?