HABITUS Volume 25
2021-03-20 発行

中国における医療従事者-患者関係の考察 : 「人情社会」の視点から

Research on medical professional–patient relationships in China from the acquaintance society perspective
Cai, Yuanyue
In the 30 years since its reform and opening -up, China has undergone significant economic, social, and medical development. However, despite the advances in medical technology, kan-bing-nan (difficulties in receiving treatment) and kan-bing-gui (high cost of treatment) have become buzzwords in Chinese medical care. As a result, many have made full use of their personal connections to receive preferential treatment and other have received special treatment from medical workers through “gifts” like money and gift cards. In this paper, we first define and describe “acquaintance” and “acquaintance society. ” Next, we consider how these have affected medical professional–patient relations in China through examples. Finally, I introduce some reforms to the medical system that have been carried out in recent years, emphasizing that an acquaintance society, which is traditional cultural form, is not necessarily a hindrance in a medical system that has become stricter, more adaptable, and more transparent.