HABITUS Volume 23
2019-03-20 発行

不和の増幅装置としてインターネット : ハイデガーの技術論を手掛かりに

The Internet as an amplifier of discord: An approach using Heidegger’s theory of technology
The current article sought to examine situations in which Internet technology exacerbates discord and divisions among people, while analyzing the factors causing this phenomenon and presenting a vision for a potential solution. Section 1 describes the present situation, in which the Internet is playing a role in triggering and amplifying discord or divisions among people internationally, with several real-world examples. In the 1990s, when Internet adoption became widespread, the Internet was widely praised as a tool for enabling communication among a diversity of people all over the world, enabling a “global village”. However, the Internet is currently considered to have the opposite in some circumstances, playing a major role in dividing people into small closed groups. Section 2 questions the “essence (Wesen)” of scientific technology, revealing that the essence is nihilism, or “positionality(Ge-stell)”, in Heidegger’s theory of technology. Based on this notion, the article considers the essence of Internet technology as it manifests in modern society. Internet technology is part of Ge-stell. From the viewpoint of Heidegger’s theory of technology, many young people are “called up” by Internet technology. The technology enables people to easily access similar types of people, such as friends, people of the same race, or people with the same ideology. However, Internet technology for “overcoming distance” can, ironically, nullify the existence of others. Finally, referring to Heidegger’s theory, the article discusses a vision for moving beyond a technical civilization that creates discord.
本稿は、Yuta Goto, The Internet as the Amplification Equipment of Discord: An Approach from Heidegger's Theory of Technology, Praxis, vol.18: 39-48, 2017を日本語訳し、内容の一部を改変したもである。