HABITUS Volume 22
2018-03-20 発行

忍耐における苦痛の意味と意義 : 苦痛の価値論

On the Meaning and Worth of Pain in Perseverance: Axiology of Pain
Kondo, Yoshiki
Although pain is an anti-value and a perfect archetype of an anti-desire object, it may have subsequent value as long as a person has the capacity to deal with it. Disgust-related pain has "information value" to inform a person about damage, and can provide "life protection value" and "prevention / warning value" against damage. Moreover, anti-value pain may have "means value", for beneficial teleological creation. Thus, a person can achieve valuable objects or goals by using pain as stepping-stone or means. By confronting anti-value pain directly, a person may achieve various values, including labor production. Thus, pain may be necessary as a means for value creation. In addition, pain can have value in the development of competency via training. Thus, experiencing pain may enable a person to train and develop their ability. Although pleasure often induces sleepiness and the degeneration of faculties, pain can cause stimulation and wakefulness. Furthermore, pain is related to human dignity. Perseverance, as the acceptance of pain, is an act of transcending nature. By mediating this pain, a person can prove the dignified character of their humanness, as the supreme ruler of their inner and outer nature. In utilitarianism, pain and pleasure are fundamental principles of human life, and feeling pain is equivalent to being human. This notion is sometimes extended to animal rights, because animals also experience