Volume 22
Date of Issue:2018-03-20
current number
ISSN:  2186-7909
発行元 :  西日本応用倫理学研究会
On the Meaning and Worth of Pain in Perseverance: Axiology of Pain
Kondo, Yoshiki;
PP. 3 - 18
The History of Educational Thought in Modern Japan: Reconsideration of historical evaluation of Tomeri Tanimoto and Shinichiro Nishi
Eto, Yoshinori;
PP. 19 - 35
"The Feeling of Robots" debate: Paul Ziff vs. J.J.C. Smart
Okamoto, Shimpei;
PP. 37 - 48
Perpetuity of Motion in Kant's Opus postumum
Shimazaki, Taichi;
PP. 49 - 63
Interpersonal Relationships, Loneliness, and "Amae"
Huang, Ping;
PP. 65 - 82
What is Value Response?
Sumihara, Seiko;
PP. 83 - 93
Analysis of Models of the Professional-Patient Relationship
Cai, yuanyue;
PP. 95 - 104
博士課程前期修了者 研究論文