Annual Review of Hiroshima Society for Science of Arts
Issue 28
Date of Issue:2015-07-31
current number
ISSN : 0914-9872
Publisher : Hiroshima Society for Science of Arts
The Road is Wider than Long: Galleries in Cork Street and Surrealism's Reception in the United Kingdom during the 1930's <Articles>
Ishii, Yuko;
PP. 1 - 15
Les arrêts sur image dans Jules et Jim de Truffaut <Articles>
Abe, Takanori;
PP. 17 - 30
The Relationship between Painting and Literature in the Journal of Delacroix: a Study concerning Subject, Style and Creating Process. <Research Report>
Nishijima, Ami;
PP. 31 - 45
Between the Japanese-Style Painting and Western-Style Painting: Concerning the Relatively Unknown Painter Koshi Miyoshi <Research Report>
Mukai, Yoshinari;
PP. 47 - 66