Annual Review of Hiroshima Society for Science of Arts
Issue 26
Date of Issue:2013-07-12
current number
ISSN : 0914-9872
Publisher : Hiroshima Society for Science of Arts
Zur kulturpolitischen Dimension im Denken und Wirken Alfred Lichtwarks <Article>
Kiyonaga, Nobumasa;
PP. 1 - 16
Les théories du contrepoint durant la première moitié du XIXème siècle : Les traditions du Conservatoire de Paris <Article>
Osako, Chikako;
PP. 17 - 27
Research on the poetics of Yasunari Kawabata's Palm-of-the-Hand Stories through a study of its shortness <Aritcle>
Hai Khoi, Nguyen Luong;
PP. 29 - 43
The Creative Activities and Changes of Western-Style Painting Art Groups in Kure City in the Pre-War Period : "Kure Dokuritsu", The Society for Study of Art by Painters and Its Circumferential Art Groups <Research Report>
Mukai, Yoshinari;
PP. 45 - 61
L’artiste comme écosophe <Special Research Report>
Pascal, Beausse; Komoto, Mari;
PP. 63 - 69