Annual Review of Hiroshima Society for Science of Arts
Issue 21・22
Date of Issue:2009-07-26
current number
ISSN : 0914-9872
Publisher : Hiroshima Society for Science of Arts
A Critical Document about the Campaingn to Place OKAMOTO Taro's "Myth of the Future" in Hiroshima. <Special Report>
Takezawa, Yuusou;
PP. 1 - 19
The Dream of St. Joseph by Georges de La Tour <Articles>
Hiraizumi, Chie;
PP. 21 - 39
Sorai Ogyu's theory of the restoration of ancient Chinese music and his criticism of musical culture of Edo Period Japan : through a critical examination of Confucian musicology, including the tone system, musical system and guqin playing <Articles>
Chen, Cehn Chu;
PP. 41 - 56
Confrontation with Aesthetics in Heidegger's Interpretation of Nietzsche <Articles>
Chikaoka, Motoaki;
PP. 57 - 71
A study on "Youjou" and "Raku" in KAIBARA Ekiken's "Youjoukun" <Articles>
Fukumitsu, Yu;
PP. 73 - 85
Aaltonen's Second Symphony "Hiroshima" : On the public performance held in Hiroshima 10 years after the atomic bombing <Reports>
Notohara, Yumi;
PP. 87 - 96
An Analysis of the Body from the Semiotic Perspective in the "Ein Mensch ohne Charakter" : though a Short Story Essay of R. Musil <Reports>
Ooyama, Tomonori;
PP. 97 - 111