The Bulletin of the Center for Special Needs Education Research and Practice, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University Issue 18
2020-03-01 発行

Inclusive Education for Foreign Students with Special Needs in Japan : An Approach by the Maximizing Potential in Japan International Academy

日本の特別なニーズのある外国籍生徒のためのインクルーシブ教育 : The Maximizing Potential in Japan International Academy による取組
Otani, Midori
Kawatani, Noriko
Ward, William J.
The purpose of this manuscript is to introduce the practice of Maximizing Potential in Japan International Academy, a private educational facility that provides education for disabled foreign children in English, in Japan. The number of children in need of special education in Japan continues to increase. In addition, the number of foreign national children who need Japanese language instruction is also increasing. From this situation, it is not difficult to imagine the increase of foreign children with disabilities; however, the actual number is not clear yet. In the future, schools will be required to handle children who need both Japanese and special needs. Hoping that the practice introduced in this study will help to consider the way of support in Japanese schools, the report of the authors’ observation at Maximizing Potential in Japan International Academy and the interview with the teachers there are introduced. Maximizing Potential in Japan International Academy values“ Playful learning,” which offers music, arts, crafts, and movement in addition to academic learning throughout the day, for those who like to move about on a regular basis. A wide variety of manipulative are also available, and their uses are three-fold: addressing sensory needs, kinesthetic/ tactile learning reasons.
inclusive education
alternative education
English language education