Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo Volume 7
2017-03-28 発行

家庭と連携した食に関する指導の在り方を探る : 第1学年「はしの正しい持ち方を知ろう」の実践を通して

A Study of Instruction Concerning on Food in Cooperation with Parents: Through Lesson Practice of Unit "Let's Learn How to Hold Chopsticks Accurately" in First Grade in Elementary School
This study aims to examine the effect of using chopsticks properly in first grade in elementary school. One of the findings is that the instruction effectively encouraged students to hold them accurately by knowing how to hold and use them. In addition, the result of a questionnaire for parents revealed that the instruction motivated them to teach their children the proper use of chopstick. The results also suggest that parents paid more attentions to students' use of chopsticks, and consequently more students managed to hold chopsticks accurately; therefore, the instruction turned to be more effective in the cooperation between school and parents. The further studies would need to continue the instruction regularly and force all the children to use chopsticks accurately.