Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo Volume 7
2017-03-28 発行

実践的態度を育む保健指導の検討 : 第5学年「メディアが心身の健康に与える影響」を通して

A Study of Health Guidance for Developing the Active Attitudes: Through "An Impact on Mental and Physical Health by Media" in Fifth Grade Elementary School
Narahara, Tamami
This study aims to examine how playing games or using smartphones influence on our brains or bodies by reviewing previous researches, and what kind of instruction on our health can be utilized in daily life. The researcher adapted five methods for developing their active attitudes: inventing the feasibility studies, utilizing tests concerning dependency on games during lessons, the way to teach the impact on our health, activities to think of problems and solutions through their life, and activities involving their parents. One of the findings is that students managed to understand their current situations and problems through the feasibility studies on time to contact with media and the test concerning dependency on games. After these lessons, doing "out media challenge", living on life without media, with their parents provide both students and teachers with a chance to change their minds. The future studies would be expected to consider the development of the pedagogy for enhancing lower students to think of involvement with games and invention of materials about internet.