Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo Volume 7
2017-03-28 発行

主体的・対話的で深い学びを目指したボール運動の授業づくり : 「空間的視点」に焦点を当てたニつのゴール型ゲームの実践を通して

Development of Lessons Using Balls Aimed at Deep Learning actively and interactively: Through giving lessons for two games focused on "spatial visions"
This study aims at clarification of guidance on how children will reach a consensus of what "good motions" are and learn the motions actively in lessons for using balls in order to realize "deep learning activetly and interactively" through improving some problems. The researcher scrutinized whether the three means set by the researcher were effective through two games: ultimate frisbee and handball. In each lesson, the researcher set "spatial visions" as necessary knowledge to solve a problem. As a result, this study revealed that children analyzed their motions with their decision, and inquired about them with their friends. Further studies are required to develop teaching materials to deepen their understanding of each motion, and further studies are needed to understand teaching materials and continue doing studies.