Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo Volume 6
2016-03-28 発行

消費者の権利に関する授業開発 : 製造物責任法を中心として

A Study of Developing a Lesson About Consumers' Rights : Focusing on Product Liability Law
This study aims to make students understand knowledge of law, especially basic principles of constitution and law, foster abilities to use it, and become active participants in a liberal and equal society. Specifically, this study makes students think about the significance and role of consumer education in society, specific damage examples, and countermeasures for it. Thus, the method employed in this study investigated and carried out lesson practices including legal situations by dealing with precedents associated with consumer problems. Findings reveal that students tend to deepen their thoughts by examining problems in cases, getting other's opinions, and repeating whether their thoughts or judgements are suitable. Additionally, this study makes students understand how important it is to be connected to a secure society by fostering basic knowledge of consumer rights in them.