Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo Volume 6
2016-03-28 発行

グローバル環境問題の解決に向けた授業開発と実践研究 : 第6学年「世界の中の日本」を事例として

A Study of Development and Practice Aimed at Solving Global Environmental Issues : Using the Lesson "Japan in the World" in Grade 6.
The aim of this study is to develop and implement a lesson which enables pupils to understand today's global society structurally in terms of environment. This study focuses on the concept of "relationship value'', which puts an emphasis on relationships between consumers and producers. The concept hypothesizes that we consumers should select commodities with careful consideration for producers. The study was conducted under the hypothesis that consideration of "relationship value" would help pupils raise their awareness of global environmental issues. After the lesson, degrees of their altered awareness of environment were examined by a questionnaire. It turned out from the data that the lesson which emphasized "relationship value" (dealing with familiar topics such as chocolate or goods in hundred-yen stores) reinforced their attention to social participations in global environmental issues.