Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo Volume 6
2016-03-28 発行

読むことを楽しみ,物語の意味を見出す国語科の学習 : 第3学年「わにのおじいさんのたから物」の実践を通して

A Study of a Japanese Language Lesson to Make Pupils Enjoy Reading and Find Meanings of a Story : Through the Practice Using "Wani No Ojiisan No Takaramono" in Grade 3.
The aim of this study is to develop a lesson which enables pupils to enjoy reading and to find meanings of a story. This study was conducted in Grade 3 using ''wani no ojiisan no takaramono" as a reading material. The lesson was organized and put in practice by taking following three steps: (1) value the encounter with the story, (2) relate other's interpretations to their own, and (3) imagine what will happen afterwards and write stories based on their imagination. As a result, these three steps seemed effective to arouse pupils' interests and get them to realize the importance of peer learning. Besides, from their interpretations of treasure based on their imaginative stories, it can be inferred that each pupil developed the idea of treasure and interpreted the story by ending it in their acceptable ways. Future studies are expected to help pupils enjoy reading more and find the meaning of a story profoundly.