Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo Volume 6
2016-03-28 発行

キー・コンピテンシーを意識した授業づくり : 「かさこじぞう」の実践を通して

Forming Classes Focusing on Key Competences: Through Practicing of "Kasakojizo, Straw-Hat Statuettes"
The purpose of this study is to clarify achievements of changing contents-based Japanese classes into competency-based classes aiming to encourage children to adjust to society. To investigate this, we analyzed the changes of children's view of values in Japanese classes through practice of kasakojizo. We also introduced "to define how to read 'better"', and" to make students encounter 'interpretation on reading', which students are not able to achieve only by themselves" as improvement of classes into competency-based ones. Before students learned, they focused on obtaining knowledge and skills. However, as classes proceeded, we recognized that students became aware of "the importance of reading better" little by little and developed and showed their natures and abilities. From now on, we are going to study further about classes which would help students develop their natures and abilities by understanding children's developmental stages and practicing systematically.