Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo
Volume 6
Date of Issue:2016-03-28
current number
ISSN : 2185-5242
発行元 : 広島大学附属三原幼稚園
What Environment and Assistance is Needed to Foster the Development of Thinking Ability? : Based on Three-year-old Children's Feeling, Thinking, and Trial
Nakayama, Fumiko;
PP. 25 - 32
A Study of Investigating Teachers Involvement in the Influence of Third Grade kindergarten children on Four-year-old Children
Kake, Shiho;
PP. 33 - 38
A Practical Study to Foster the Ability to Interact with Others in Four-year-old Children : Through Exchange Activities With Three-year-old Children
Morita, Mikaho;
PP. 39 - 44
A Study of Investigation of the Environment and Assistance in Which Children Play Planning Through Trial and Errors : Focusing on Artistic Play Activities of Five-Year-Old Children
Kimioka, Tomochika;
PP. 45 - 50
Five-Year-old Children's Cultivating Skills of Communication through Play With Rules
広兼 陸;
PP. 51 - 56
A Study of Investigation of Methods of Teaching Gargling for Establishing Basic Habits
Sahara, Miho;
PP. 57 - 62
Forming Classes Focusing on Key Competences: Through Practicing of "Kasakojizo, Straw-Hat Statuettes"
Fuchiyama, Shingo;
PP. 63 - 68
A Study of a Japanese Language Lesson to Make Pupils Enjoy Reading and Find Meanings of a Story : Through the Practice Using "Wani No Ojiisan No Takaramono" in Grade 3.
Sugikawa, Chigusa;
PP. 69 - 74
A Study of Development and Practice Aimed at Solving Global Environmental Issues : Using the Lesson "Japan in the World" in Grade 6.
Ito, Koichi;
PP. 75 - 82
A Study of a Lesson Development Which Enables Pupils to Focus on Quantities Associated With Dependency Relationships and Solve Problems With Forward Inferences : Through Their Understandings of Meanings of Formula Related to Problem Statements and Figures.
Arita, Masami;
PP. 83 - 88
A Study of Development of Arithmetic Learning Which Fosters Pupils' Qualities and Abilities : With a View to Developing Methods for Instruction and Evaluation.
Suzuki, Shoji;
PP. 89 - 96
A study on Educational Guidance that Fosters Children's Natures and Abilities Regarding Statistics Education : Through Practical Lessons on "How to Consult the Data'' at the Sixth Grade.
Hayama, Fumiko;
PP. 97 - 104
Development of Classes to Understand Metallic Qualities Using Several Kinds of Metals : Through Practical Lessons on "How Things are Heated" at the Fourth Grade.
Shige, Kazuki;
PP. 105 - 110
Analysis of Children's Awareness on Evacuation from Earthquake and Tsunami, Examination of the Contents of Learning : Based on Answers to a Questionnaire by Sixth-Grade Elementary School Students.
Sanda, Kouji;
PP. 111 - 116
A Study about Using Magnet as a Material in Living Environment Studies : Structure of Classes that Use Magnets Through the Whole Lesson Unit.
Ishii, Nobutaka;
PP. 117 - 124
Development of Classes Using "Fushizukuri" Music Education: Through Class Practices to the First-Grade Children.
Nagasawa, Nozomi;
PP. 125 - 130
Developing Arts and Crafts Classes that Foster 21st Century Skills: Through Practice Classes Using Soil-Clay at the Second-Grade Elementary School.
Matsuzaki, Shinichi;
PP. 131 - 138
Instruction on Rhythm Play in a Systematic Learning : Through a Lesson "Dance♪Dance☆Dance" Focusing on Hesitation in Dancing
Yuasa, Rie;
PP. 139 - 146
A Case Study of Physical Education Class Dealing With Netball : Through a Third Year Ball Game (Invasion Game) Unit
Nakayama, Izumi;
PP. 147 - 152
A Unit Development of Project-Type Foreign Language Activity Class Aiming for the Elementary Schools and Junior High Schools Collaboration : Through a Junior High School Orientation Session in English
Yonekura, Tomohisa;
PP. 153 - 158
A Study of Understandings and Supports Towards Nurse's Office Visitors: Through Health Monitoring and Visiting Records
Narahara, Tamami;
PP. 159 - 166
Searching a Teaching Method to Develop Pupils' Understanding of Food Culture: Through a Unit "Let's Taste Dashi" in Sixth Year Home Economics Classes
Takahashi, Noriko;
PP. 167 - 172
A Study of Japanese Language Class With Conversation Activities for the Purpose During Learning Process
Nishiki, Eri;
PP. 173 - 180
A Study of Japanese Lesson Practice to Make Junior High School Students Foster Their Vocabulary Through Interactions With Classmates in Class : Reading of "a Poem by a Man Managing Thrift Shop Who Charges Anything"
Ishikawa, Yoshikazu;
PP. 181 - 186
A Study of Developing a Lesson About Consumers' Rights : Focusing on Product Liability Law
Yagiyuu, Daisuke;
PP. 187 - 194
A Study of Effects of Spiral Teaching in Math : Focusing on Fixing of Students' Bases and Fundamentals of Math in Junior High School.
Fujiwara, Koutatsu;
PP. 195 - 200
A Study of Educational Guidance and Evaluation Based on Cultivation of Students' Qualifications and Abilities in Junior High School : Focusing on Educational Guidance and Evaluation of a Unit "Continuity of Life"
Furo, Kazushi;
PP. 201 - 208
A Study of Teaching Koto for Junior High School Students in 8th Grade: Subject Development of "Sarashi" by Koto Duet Through Interactions With Students in Different Grades and Creative Activities
Izumitani, Masanori;
PP. 209 - 214
A Study of a Viewing Class to Make Junior High School Students Become Active Learners in Collaboration With a Museum : A Plan to Hold an Art Exhibition for Kindergarteners and Elementary School Pupils
Matsumoto, Hiroko;
PP. 215 - 222
A Study of Volleyball Lessons to Develop Junior High School Students' Volleyball Ability as a Whole
Fujimoto, Takahiro;
PP. 223 - 228
A Study of the Effects of Experience of Learning to Interact With Young Children on Junior High School Students in Home Economics : Exploring a Way of Teaching About How Students Look at Themselves
Fujii, Shiho;
PP. 229 - 236
A Study of English Lessons to Make Students Foster Writing Skills Through an Activity : Focusing on a Writing Activity of Introduction of a Power Resource Instead of Fossil Fuel
Kisaka, Kaori;
PP. 237 - 242
A Study of a Method of English Teaching for Speech Activities in Junior High School: Focusing on Lesson Practice "Let's Introduce Things to Others"
Matsuo, Saori;
PP. 243 - 248
A Study of How to Improve Junior High School Students' Subjective Perspectives on Health : Focusing on Their Quality of Life in Terms of Relationship Between Their Living Habits and Hypothermia
Aratani, Mitsuko;
PP. 249 - 254