Bulletin of the Hiroshima University Museum Issue 7
2015-12-25 発行

佐賀市の実相院本堂について <原著論文>

A historical study of Jisso-in Temple in Saga City, Japan <Article>
Soga, Toshihiro
We report on the construction of the Jisso-in temple in Yamato, Saga City, Japan. We unearthed the plans made for the hondo (main hall), kuri (the warehouse at the rear), and chokushi-mon (the gate for the imperial envoy). Furthermore, we researched the year of construction, type of construction, and traces of renovation.

We discovered that the main hall was built in the mid-19th century and that it has been since reconstructed. From the plan, we assumed that the palace of the castle was relocated because of the greatly redesigned chancel and the signs of repair to aisles. Regarding remnants of remodeling, we presumed that the main hall was built by a branch of the Saga feudal clan because the design of the hall incorporated the family crest of the branch of the Saga clan known as “Hanagyoyo”. Moreover, the structure and design of the entrance were similar to that of the palace of Ogi Castle, which was also owned by a branch of the Saga feudal clan.

Therefore, it can be said that the main hall of Jisso-in temple is similar in style to warrior residences of the Saga feudal clan. As little is known about the warrior residences of the Edo era, any material such as gathered here, which expands the knowledge base regarding this era, is important.
Saga city
Saga feudal clan
Warrior residences
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