Bulletin of the Hiroshima University Museum Issue 7
2015-12-25 発行

徳島県上勝町における地域ブランドの確立と移住者による認知 <原著論文>

Establishment of a local brand and recognition of the brand by incomers to Kamikatsu, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan <Article>
This study investigates how Kamikatsu, a town in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, has established a local brand and how it is recognized by incomers to the town. It also analyzes Kamikatsu’s signature agriculture project, called the “Irodori Project,” and a policy aimed at eliminating waste, the “Zero Waste Campaign.” The results reveal that recognition of the town has increased not only in economic terms but also in the cultural sphere through the Irodori Project, whereby elderly people, who are in charge of the project, work with enthusiasm, making full use of IT equipment. Announcing the “Zero Waste Declaration” for the first time in Japan and separating waste into 34 categories have led to the establishment of the local brand that proclaims Kamikatsu as a community where the town hall and the residents work in cooperation to realize innovative environmental measures. These two major projects have made Kamikatsu an attractive destination for young people from other communities seeking career opportunities. It can be said that Kamikatsu is establishing a new aspect of local branding, based on the concept of it being a promising town where it is possible to adopt a new lifestyle.
本研究は,文部科学省博士課程教育リーディングプログラム 広島大学「たおやかで平和な共生社会創生プログラム」による補助を受けたものである。
local brand
young people
local revitalization
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