Bulletin of the Hiroshima University Museum Issue 3
2011-12-25 発行

広島大学総合博物館に収蔵された地質学関係資料 : 広島城郷土舘(広島市)に展示されていた化石・岩石・鉱物標本 <資料>

Notes on Geological and Paleontological Specimens stored in the Hiroshima University Museum : that had been exhibited in the local museum in "Hiroshima Castle" from 1958~1989 <Data>
Okimura, Yuji
The Hiroshima Castle Tower was restored with ferro-concrete in 1953, at which time its second floor was designated a local museum devoted to the natural science of the Hiroshima prefecture area. In 1983, the Castle was utilized as one of the main sites of the Hiroshima Revival Exhibition, with the displays of many geological and biological specimens that were mainly studied by researchers of from the Faculty of Science at Hiroshima University. In 1989, Hiroshima City closed this local museum due to renovations to the Castle, and all exhibition materials were returned to the original donors. Most of these specimens are now out of circulation, except for the collections of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy (now, Department of Earth and Planetary Systems Science). In this report, we list, with occasional brief explanations, the geological materials transferred to the Hiroshima University Museum from the above Department. This list is based on the "Exhibition List of Hiroshima Castle", published by Hiroshima City in 1979, and on some of the first author's notes related to the exhibition of the geological corner in the local museum.

The transferred specimens include:

1) 158 fossils from the Permo-Carboniferous Taishaku limestone, the Miocene Bihoku Group, and the Quaternary deposits of Hiroshima Delta, and

2) 125 specimens of rocks, minerals, and ores mostly collected from Hiroshima prefecture.

Almost all the specimens are very important for the geological study of Hiroshima prefecture, because the same fossils and ores can never again be gathered due to a breakdown of outcrops and the closing of ore deposits (mine fields).
Fossils, rocks, ores of Hiroshima prefecture
Local museum of Hiroshima Castle
Miocene fossils from the Bihoku Group
Palaeoloxodon naumanni
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