Bulletin of the Hiroshima University Museum Issue 11
2019-12-25 発行


Implementation of a new specific program for training curators at Hiroshima University
As a result of the revision of Museum Law Enforcement Rules, the subjects that must be completed to acquire the curator qualification have changed significantly since April 2012, which constitutes a major change in the history of this qualification. To cope with this change, we integrated the curator qualification specific programs of each faculty into a new course for students of all universities. In this paper, through statistical data analysis, we examined the impact of this change on attendance trends, including the term system newly adopted by Hiroshima University. Before and after the transition to the new course, the number of program registrants and qualifications greatly decreased, and the acquisition rate has also declined significantly. These phenomena were not based on changes in specific faculties or fields, but are common to all faculties subject to program registration during the old course. Through this analysis, we presumed that several factors, such as the great increase in the required number of credits, the change to the program for the whole school, and the change from a two-semester system to the four-semester system, were all interrelated to each other, which make it difficult to achieve both specialized and curator qualifications.
本稿は,2018年6月22日に香川大学で開催された第13回日本博物科学会で口頭発表した藤野次史・青木孝夫・清水則雄・菅村 亨・本多博之・山口富美夫・山崎博史・吉田将之「広島大学における新課程実施後の学芸員資格取得状況について」を元に,新たなデータを加えて考察したものである。
Curator qualifications
Museum law enforcement regulations
Specific programs
New courses
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