Bulletin of the Hiroshima University Museum Issue 1
2009-12-25 発行

大学周辺住民によるキャンパスの利用と評価 : 広島大学東広島キャンパスを事例として <短報>

Utilization and Evaluation of University Campus by Neighboring Residents : A Case Study of the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus of Hiroshima University <Short Report>
Banshoya, Shogo
We clarified using a questionnaire survey how neighboring residents of Hiroshima University utilize the university campus and what their evaluation was of the campus. The residents reportedly have a good overall impression of the campus, with its natural, beautiful and open environment. Most of the evaluations on satisfaction were good, not only regarding campus facility use but also for their participation in the events. In addition, many inhabitants rated the university campus highly. The presence and the activities of students were thought to add vitality to the local community. However, we noticed that the students were evaluated as having bad manners, which was commonly pointed out by the residents. Interestingly, some inhabitants did not realize that they were allowed to enter the campus. It is crucial for the university to provide public information to neighboring residents. The results suggest the direction the Hiroshima University Museum should take in the future. The university museum can play a role as a gateway for the university to open itself to the society.
University campus
Contribution to locality
Neighboring residents
Hiroshima University
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