Bulletin of theory and practice in secondary education Issue 67
2021-03-31 発行

「論理国語」における言語活動を取り入れた授業提案 : 『「である」ことと「する」こと』(丸山真男)の場合

Class Proposals that Incorporate Language Activities in "Japanese Language(Logic)": A case of "To be" and "To do"(by Masao Maruyama)
New Course of Study for High Schools(2019)clearly states that "Japanese Language(Logic)" should assign about 30% to 40% of total teaching hours to "writing" . What kind of "reading" and "writing" instruction process will be followed by using "To be" and "To do"(by Masao Maruyama)to efficiently improve "writing" ability? 
As a result of having them write an essay that analyze modern society with the logic of "To be" and "To do": the following four proposals were made:
① Select a writing theme which is closely related to yourself.
② After creating a framework using the composition memo, students discuss and criticize the text "To be" and "To do" in pairs and then write an essay.
③ Incorporate lessons that deal with the function of "conjunctions".
④ Simplify the viewpoint of evaluation, evaluate sentences and return them immediately, and provide an opportunity to write many essays.