Bulletin of theory and practice in secondary education Issue 67
2021-03-31 発行

「科学と倫理」(全14回)における二種類の構成原理と両者を含む全体構造 : 「 統合」を目指し「総合」にとどまった3本柱原理と「自律」を目指した2本柱原理,そして「総合→自律→統合」という全体構造

The Two Constructive Principles in “Science and Ethics” and the Developmental Structure Including These Principles: “The 3 pillars principle” intending integration but stopping at synthesis, “the 2 pillars principle” intending autonomy, and the developmental structure of “synthesis → autonomy → integration”
The series of 14 lectures in “Science and Ethics” was constructed based on two principles: the 3 pillars principle and the 2 pillars principle.
The 3 pillars principle: 1)STS((science, technology, society), 2)philosophy ethics, 3)actual practice of scientists
The 2 pillars principle: 1)thinking about science from an ethics perspective, 2)thinking about ethics from a science perspective
The necessity of the shift from 3 pillars to 2 pillars follows the structure of “synthesis → autonomy →integration”.