Bulletin of theory and practice in secondary education
Issue 63
Date of Issue:2017-03-31
ISSN : 1349-7782
Publisher : Hiroshima University High School
Takemura, Shinji;
Version of Reading II: Point of View of Narrative Dynamism
Takemura, Shinji;
PP. 3 - 10
Creative Lessons in Tanka: Being Conscious of Listeners
Koda, Naoyuki;
PP. 11 - 20
World History Unit for Active Learning Development Studies: Security for a Gradability and Improvement of the Learning
Miyamoto, Hideyuki;
PP. 21 - 28
Citizenship Lessons to Solve Conflicts: Including “Emotions” in Citizenship Lessons Based on Naturalistic Perspectives of Philosophy
Abe, Tetsuhisa;
PP. 29 - 37
A Study on the Teaching of Parabolas in High School Mathematics
Inoue, Yoshifumi;
PP. 39 - 46
A Study on Teaching Material about a Lever Crank Mechanism in Junior High School Mathematics
Moriwaki, Masayasu;
PP. 47 - 51
Development of a Science Curriculum on the “Configuration and Size of the Earth” for Learners to Deepen Their Learning in Senior High Schools
Sugita, Taiichi;
PP. 53 - 60
Awareness of Japanese 7th Graders Engaged in English Activities in Primary School: Differences in Students’ Awareness Depending on Experiences of Writing Activities or Length of Learning
Ishihara, Yoshifumi;
PP. 61 - 66
Adopting “Active Learning” (A Practical Report) in English Classes: Peer-tutoring for 11th Graders in “English Communication II”
Ishihara, Yoshifumi;
PP. 67 - 74
Improving the Writing Skills of Senior High School Students Through the Use of The Copying Booklet
Yamaoka, Taiki;
PP. 75 - 87
Development of Teaching Materials for Understanding the Value of Traditional Dishes: Soba (Buckwheat)
Ichinose, Takae;
PP. 89 - 98
Utilizing the VPDCA Cycle: A Way to Support Student Council Activities Based on Active Student Guidance
Yoshida, Hiroyasu;
PP. 99 - 111
A Systematic Approach to Identify the Features of Waka Poems
Mine, Naomi;
PP. 126 - 112